Le Zen Enzy: from sketch to reality

Le Zen Enzy: from sketch to reality

Le Zen is very excited to finally announce the launch of the Le Zen Enzy!

The Le Zen Enzy came about because we wanted to continue our success with the multi-functional wine coolers. The Enzy stands for calm and enjoyment.

The wine cooler has the same functions as the Le Zen Original, you can cool your bottles, play music wirelessly via Bluetooth and use it as a lamp.
The Le Zen Enzy is a unique wine cooler with a woven rattan look that provides a rustic look.

Compared to the Le Zen Original, the Enzy features a redesigned strap with the familiar logo and now also with a stitched finish.

The Le Zen Enzy comes in different colours:
We have the Le Zen Enzy in black, brown and grey and there is a choice of 5 different tubes: grass, water, fire, air and a tube with the Le Zen logo.

The Le Zen Enzy will be available from the first of April 2022 on our site and from our resellers.