Le Zen Lux

  • Wireless moodlight
  • Four brightnesses
  • Water- and shockproof

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  • Delivery within 2 working days
  • Included: charger and manual

Our Lux lamp is the mood lighting for your garden, living room or anywhere else. Use it as a table lamp or hang it on the loft or on a tree! You can enjoy the Lux at four different brightnesses.

From a cosy moodlight to a secondary light for a game of cards in the evening, the Lux has it all!

The Lux lasts 25 to 40 hours on a full battery. Afterwards you can easily recharge it with the included charging cable. Besides the long battery life, the Lux is also water and shockproof. Which comes in handy when you accidentally leave it outside on a rainy evening.

Dimensions: ø13x23 cm
Weight: 500 grams
Materials: PE, aluminium and vegan leather
Battery life: 24-40 hours
Charging time: 6 hours
Led light: dimmable light
Waterproof: Yes
Impact resistant: yes

Charging cable

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dimmable &

Whether you have the Lux on or off, it never loses its charm because of its timeless design.

In addition, you always set your own mood with the 4 brightnesses the Lux has to offer. This makes the lamp ideal for a romantic evening for two or useful as a side light for a game of cards with your friends.

Waterproof &
Battery life

The Lux lasts 30 to 40 hours at the lowest brightness. The minimum duration at the brightest brightness is 8 hours. When the battery of your Lux is empty, you can easily recharge it via the supplied charging cable.

As the lamp is IP54 water resistant, it can also be left outside during a rainstorm. Given the high quality, the lamp can also take a beating and will not blow away with the slightest gust of wind.